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Realtime sharing an pushed encrypted to-do list with your invited members!

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Peks MAC

Create amazing Covers for your Facebook™ Timeline!

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 An enhanced visualized pasteboard application.

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Your Facebook™ page as your desktop wallpaper.

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Beautifully Styled

For almost 9 years we are serving notes around the globe.

With iSticky for Mac and iPhone
we are ready for a new concept of serving notes.

It's a 100% new product with new possibilities,
a new look and feel and far more secure!



  • Share
    Create a list. Invite a member to this list. Set some priveliges and share the notes of this list realtime.
  • Cloud
    Every list and note is stored on iSticky's cloud server, enabling access on multiple Mac‘s and iPhone‘s at all times. This way, all your Mac‘s and iPhone‘s show the same information at the same time.
  • Push
    Your Mac‘s and your iPhone‘s will receive Apple's Push Notification‘s. All shared lists and notes will be updated very accurate.
  • Invite
    Only those who are invited by you or contrary are allowed to send you a note. Only those who are member of your shared list can see and/or modify that list.
  • Secure
    Nothing is sent to someone else without encryption and to make it even double secure you are able to create a list with a password. Nobody can ever read your information when it is traveling the internet or stored in the cloud. Without the pasword other members can not read your notes. Passwords are only stored in the keychain of your Mac or iPhone.


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iSticky loves Arduino

Let your Arduino project deliver realtime notes to your iPhone or Mac with our iSticky/Arduino library!

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Brandweer website

Bent u ook een brandweer fanatiekeling? Bent u ook lid van een gaaf korps? Een uw korps is nog niet aanwezig op het internet? Mail of bel ons voor een vrijblijvende offerte/afspraak, want uw korps is de moeite waard. Laat de omgeving zien dat u er bent en wat u doet! En ja, wij hebben een zeer voordelig aanbod voor uw brandweervereniging, want zo doen we als manschappen onderling!

Meer informatie

Echoer Loves iSticky

We had been hunting for the right tool for a while and iSticky was exactly what we needed! It‘s a really simple way to leave sticky notes on fellow team-mates‘ desktops and coordinate to-do lists. The most important thing is that we don‘t need to open a web page or other app, which is exactly where most to-do coordination tools trip up.
We simply love it!

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In a world of mass production and plenty, quality, design and functionality are of paramount importance.

In the creation of products which will bear the name Wandy, you may take high quality, sophisticated design and cutting edge technology for granted. We offer first-class products, designed to meet all your networking needs and giving you a positive feeling. Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle for all our activities.

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Your business translated to your iPhone app!

If you live in the Netherlands and need an app specifically designed for your company or your purpose, feel free to contact us. Whether you want us to manage the whole process of creating your piece of software, or just want us to code the thing you already set up, Yaranga possibly can send you a nice offer. 

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Technical Support

  • US export laws
  • Tutorials

We are authorized to export the use of encryption in our products which is prohibited by US export laws. If you require the ERN, please contact us by email or use the contact form of this website.

More informations about help will soon be added!

For you!

We can develop your special client/server App. The listed titles are several of them we created. Feel free to mail your idea's to solve your IT issue.

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Developing App's for iPhone, iPad and Mac is our passion. Most of them can be purchased in the App Store’s of Apple Inc.

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Everything is fine, but there is only one thing in your network which isn't working! We enjoy to help you and find a beautiful solution!

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All websites we develop are based on open source tools. Try the look and feel of the sites we've constructed. If you have text and graphics we can help you construct your new website in a few days.